Ellen Claes (Heusden-Zolder ° 1977) is a self-taught, visual artist. As a creative mind, she draws on a regular basis. Only at the end of 2019 she chooses to give drawing a more prominent place in her life.

preconceived notions of art(ists) and fear always prevented her from doing so.

As an untrained artist she feels free to be “the cactus in the ass of the art world” (Ben Vautier)  and considers being self-taught an advantage.

With her artwork she would like to reach people through her own free-spirited power and also transfer this power.

She finds inspiration for her thinking from Spinoza, inspiration for her drawings from artists such as Madge Gill and Paul Klee, but also in everyday objects and encounters.


I question the compulsive and the accompanying fear, the control that must always be kept.

I investigate contradictions such as action or acceptance, ratio and intuition, cause and effect by means of colors and shapes.

I let loose my imagination and bring the fear, that inevitably arises during the creation process, to his knees.

My works are created by surrender to arbitrariness and chance, although the process can also be guided by methodical thinking.

Without a preconceived idea about the result, there is always an element of failure that is not visible to the viewer but can be seen only by myself.

With my works I want to indicate that control, the compulsive can only last in the mind that cannot let go.

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